Hearthstone Patch 15.0
Patch Impact Rating: Medium
Hearthstone Patch SoU Review
Patch Impact Rating: High
Hearthstone Patch 14.4
Patch Impact Rating: High
Welcome to the Hearthstone News!
Card Changes
Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

Mana cost changed from 7 to 9.

Luna's Pocket Galaxy

Mana cost reverted from 5 back to 7.

Conjurer's Calling

Mana cost changed from 3 to 4.

Extra Arms

Mana cost reverted from 2 back to 3.


Mana cost changed from 4 to 5.

Hearthstone Patch 15.0 Notes
It has been only a few weeks since Saviors of Uldum has been released and the Hearthstone Team has announced some new nerfs already. The 5 cards being changed (Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, Luna's Pocket Galaxy, Conjurer's Calling, Extra Arms and Barnes) have been powerful cards and dominating the meta for quite awhile. These cards in particular were problematic because if played on curve would completely snowball the game. A few major meta decks affected are Control Warrior, Big Spell Mage, Freeze/Control Mage, Highlander Mage, Combo Priest, and Big Priest in Wild.
Hearthstone Patch SoU Review Notes
Garden Gnome [3/5]
Amazing stats, and not too hard of a requirement. So far, this card just doesn't have a home to fit into but will likely see some play later on.
Ramkahen Wildtamer [2/5]
Not a beast itself and most Hunter decks like to run Master's Call. Great to curve into Hyena Alpha and can enable some combos or burst.
Hyena Alpha <<[5/5]>>
4 mana 7/7 worth of stats, yes please! Easy requirement to fulfill and can be tutored with Master's Call
Naga Sand Witch [2/5]
Not only does this card make your expensive spells cheaper but makes your cheaper spells more expensive so be careful!
Totemic Surge [1/5]
Only has purpose in a very specific archetype and even then, its a very conditional effect.
Armored Goon [2/5]
Has some nice synergy with the Quest and especially Sul'thraze.
Dwarven Archaeologist [1/5]
There aren't enough discover cards you want in your deck for this to be consistent. Best used with Omega Assembly, Crystalsong Portal, etc for maximum value.
Spitting Camel [1/5]
Slowly destroying your own board isn't worth the +1 health to a River Crocolisk
Kobold Sandtrooper [2/5]
Most decks that like to go face also like to control the board early on and this does not provide much tempo. It has synergy in Deathrattle decks and face decks like Hunter
Quicksand Elemental [1/5]
Great for when you're doing a lot of trading, but not so good anytime else
Vulpera Scoundrel [3/5]
Her giving you 4 options is amazing value. Especially great in Highlander decks to help find what you need
History Buff [2/5]
Works well in cheaper zoo decks but does not generate any tokens or is cheap itself so it makes those decks a little more inconsistent
Body Wrapper [1/5]
The payout of this card doesn't come until you draw your shuffled in minion, making it just a decent body of stats
Phalanx Commander [1/5]
Has to be run in a very specific archetype, and even then the effect is pretty underwhelming
Faceless Lurker [3/5]
Any kind of hand buffing deck loves this card. Also works well with Amet, since its health will become equivalent to Amet's first, then doubled
Blatant Decoy [3/5]
A 5/5 body isn't too bad if you can use its Deathrattle to your advantage by only having big minions in your hand.
Wasteland Scorpid [1/5]
Pretty bad stats. By turn 7 your opponent can probably remove this easily
Pit Crocolisk [2/5]
Very expensive, but at being 8 mana is just cheap enough to combo with the Quest hero power of Shaman.
Living Monument [1/5]
This is one big minion, no doubt. This card is a gamble to play, costing your entire turn but can be annoying to deal with especially when it's buffed up by Warrior
Mischief Maker [2/5]
Very fun disruption minion. With the capabilities of stealing an opponents combo card for their win condition, this card could be great in a combo heavy meta
Sandstorm Elemental [3/5]
Battlecry and Overload are 2 synergies and keywords that Shaman can really take advantage of
Mogu Fleshshaper [4/5]
Extremely easy and cheap to cast most of the time, this can give aggro decks a lot of extra tempo. Also pairs very well with evolve type effects
Vessina [4/5]
The ability on this card happens as soon as it's played, generating value right away. Coupled with great stats this is an overall solid card and Shaman has no problem finding ways to keep overloaded.
Clever Disguise [3/5]
Completes half of Rogues Quest in 1 card while still generating a 2-for-1 card advantage. Has synergy with a lot of other burgle mechanics in Rogue for a lot of value
Desert Hare [2/5]
Because all 3 Desert Hare that are summoned are all 3-mana costed, they are great targets for evolve mechanics! This card being a beast also helps that tribal synergy.
Swarm of Locusts [3/5]
At the very worst this card is a 6 mana 'deal 7 damage split as you choose'. Completes a 1/3 of the Hunter Quest in one spell and can generate tokens leftover for future trades. Does have anti-synergy with Zul'jin as you will be summoning a lot of Locusts instead of Wyverns or Huffers
Octosari [1/5]
For the most part, this is a big meme card. It can be pretty useful in aggressive decks that empty their hand by turn 8
Subdue [3/5]
Very versatile spell. A little too slow to run in aggro decks so this card will be limited to midrange or control decks.
Ancestral Guardian [2/5]
Lifesteal and Reborn work very well together. This card can heal quite a bit sometimes so its great in any heal synergy deck and is a staple in Quest Paladin.
Unseal the Vault [2/5]
20 is a pretty steep number to hit. Unless you get lucky and draw a Master's Call for card draw, you'll likely run out of resources when you finish up the Quest, leaving you with no more minions to buff.
Golden Scarab [1/5]
Very weak tempo play in aggressive decks and too clunky to use in control decks. Hard to justify this over many other 3-drops in other decks.
Dune Sculptor [2/5]
Very good value card. Could be used in a Reno deck to generate lots of value. Mage currently doesn't have too many minions, so there's quite a few that anyone would be glad to see like Kalecgos.
Crystal Merchant [3/5]
Good stats, this helps Druid get through the early game where it lacks the most. This card can be used in various decks but it shines most in Quest Druid.
Oasis Surger [4/5]
Average stats by itself but once the Quest is completed this card is absolutely nuts. 10/10 total stats with Rush for only 5 mana. This card also curves perfectly after Quest completion if you're going second.
Ancient Mysteries [3/5]
An overall discount of 1 to a secret is very good especially since Mage's secrets are the most expensive secrets at 3 mana. Having a cheap secret enables many combos with the new Saviors of Uldum cards as well.
Worthy Expedition [3/5]
Discover is always a strong mechanic, and on a 1 mana cost spell means you're not losing out on too much to cast this. Works well in Highlander Druid or Quest Druid
Zephrys the Great <<[5/5]>>
BEST CARD OF THE EXPANSION. When you play Zephrys, he analyzes the battlefield (not anybody's hand) to determine if you would need a board clear, minion, silence, etc to give you the perfect card in that situation! With such a powerful effect it is no wonder this card has a very limiting requirement
Candletaker [2/5]
Reborn makes this minion fairly sticky and almost a must-include in Quest Paladin.
Bug Collector [1/5]
Pretty weak stats means that most other early game minions can trade favorably into this one.
Neferset Thrasher [3/5]
Zoo Warlock usually doesn't care about taking damage because their game plan is to kill you before you kill them. Given this strategy, the 3 damage this minion does to the owner is hardly a setback for such an aggressively stated minion
Serpent Egg [3/5]
The modern day Nerubian Egg. This card is not too great on its own, but combined with taunts, attack boosting cards, Deathrattle synergy, etc this card can generate a lot of early tempo
Temple Berserker [2/5]
Having to hit this minion twice to kill it makes it a very sticky 2-cost minion. The 2 initial health and 1 health after Reborn makes this minion fairly easy to kill for the opponent so it is hard to make use of the "while damaged" effect.
Sandhoof Waterbearer [2/5]
Great effect, and even better for Quest progression but it is a fairly expensive minion that doesn't directly impact the board right away allowing the opponent to develop the board.
Beaming Sidekick [3/5]
The extra health buff that this minion gives to another is great for trading. And most decks that like to run 1-cost minions also typically like to run Magic Carpet and trade a lot.
Injured Tol'vir [3/5]
By itself, it's a River Crocolisk with Taunt. However, if you can find ways to heal it, or bring it up to full health, this card will be sure to ruin your opponents early game
Sinister Deal [3/5]
Not only are lackeys really powerful but this spell lets you choose the perfect one for your situation. Given all the lackey synergy in Warlock this expansion we are sure to see this card.
Holy Ripple [3/5]
Mini Holy Nova. This card is great to wipe out swarms of tokens, and heal up your board. Excellent to use with Northshire Cleric, Lightwarden and Quest.
Penance [2/5]
While this is a great spell, it has to compete with Shadow Word: Pain and Forbidden Words as an early removal spell. This spell is fantastic in a Quest Priest deck, as early removal and Quest progression.
Bazaar Burglary [3/5]
Your hero power becomes "(2) Equip a 3/2 Dagger with Immune". This Quest is relatively easy to complete compared to the other Quests this expansion. One of the weaknesses to a burgle Rogue deck was the lack of survivability and this Quest helps just that problem.
Activate the Obelisk [3/5]
Most Priest decks can already heal for 15 pretty easily and the payoff for this one - restore 3, if targeting minion then also +3/3 - is quite substantial so this will be run in a lot of decks.
Wrapped Golem [2/5]
7/7 total stats for 7 mana over 3 attacks isn't bad, but in this meta just doesn't quite cut it. It does get a 1/2 star for being a potential pick in Quest Paladin.
Wretched Reclaimer [3/5]
Resurrect Priest won't want to run this because this is not a minion that deck would like to resurrect. You're more likely to be seeing this card in Deathrattle decks, in which, this card looks to excel.
Khartut Defender [3/5]
Compares most to Safeguard, this offers more healing at the trade-off of less total health. This is a solid card to discover from Frightened Flunky or Power of Creation.
King Phaoris [2/5]
With yet another expansion, comes more cards, and with more cards, the ability to create very spell heavy decks. This is a good Legendary to support such spell decks, however it does remain limited to such a niche archetype.
Sahket Sapper [3/5]
Could be potentially played around, being that it is a Deathrattle effect. The Pirate tribal is a huge bonus for synergy with Hooktusk and Raiding Party.
Siamat <<[5/5]>>
Keywords good.
Flame Ward [4/5]
Secret Mage, or not, this is a good spell. Great with the new Secret Synergy and excellent early game board clear for the slower Mage decks. Also discoverable by Magic Trick
Conjured Mirage [2/5]
Insane stats if you can silence it. But you better do it quickly, you've only got a turn!
Pharaoh's Blessing [1/5]
Balanced card, but just like Blessing of Kings, this card just doesn't have a good deck to fit into, unless Spirit Pally takes off.
Embalming Ritual [4/5]
Cheap spell for Nomi decks, great value with Deathrattle decks, and amazing in Resurrect Priest.
Tomb Warden [3/5]
Good stats by itself, over 2 bodies with Taunt make this a pretty annoying minion to deal with. Combined with some new Taunt hand-buffs, this card can become quite scary. The Mech tag also makes it discoverable from Dr. Boom's hero power and Omega Assembly.
Pharaoh Cat [2/5]
Rogue typically likes cheap minions and combo-enablers but the Reborn minions available aren't too impressive.
Bone Wraith [2/5]
Your average 4-mana 2/6 balanced stats. Could see some synergy in any deck with heals, or Quest Pally.
Shadow of Death [1/5]
In order to get value from this card, Rogue would need long drawn out games and typically Rogue games don't last too long. There are a lot of combos potentially with this card, but probably none that will be competitive.
Mortuary Machine [2/5]
Giving your opponents minions Reborn is a HUGE drawback. Because there's no way around the drawback unless you silence it, this card might see play in Silence Priest.
Vilefiend [1/5]
Dies pretty easily. Not too many cards that support its Demon tag yet.
Dark Pharaoh Tekahn [3/5]
Great effect in a Lackey-based zoo deck to keep the pressure going through the mid game. There's not too many Lackey generators currently, but if there will be more then this card will definitely see play.
Desert Spear [3/5]
Works as both removal and building up a board. This weapon is versatile tool in Quest Hunter as well.
Livewire Lance [2/5]
2 attack on a 3-cost weapon doesn't kill a lot of 3-cost minions. The lackeys you get from this card gain some tempo back
Micro Mummy [3/5]
These little guys are sticky and if left unchecked, especially with other Reborn minions on the opponent's board, can get out of hand
Overflow [2/5]
A great draw engine. The only problem is that it doesn't impact the board at all, so if the opponent is ahead on board then they will get even more ahead. Because of this, this card has natural synergy with Anubisath Defender.
Anubisath Defender [3/5]
For many large spells, they leave you vulnerable after you cast them so being able to cheat out a decent body with taunt afterwards is a great way to make sure you don't fall too far behind.
Plague of Flames [2/5]
If tempo decks are ahead on board they like to stay ahead and this does just the opposite. This card has the most synergy with token summon effects to be able to flood the board, then clear it efficiently.
Hack the System [3/5]
This Quest (once completed) makes your hero power " (2) Summon a 4/3 golem. Attacking with your weapon refreshes this." This card has been overshadowed by Dr. Boom, Mad Genius but is a decent card nonetheless. Warrior already likes to run weapons so just adding 1 or 2 more weapons than usual completes the quest fairly easily to keep the pressure going into the late game.
Sunstruck Henchman [1/5]
Plague of Wrath [2/5]
Does nothing by itself so it has to be combo'd with another card to see value. Because it is less conditional, Brawl is still the better board clear.
Colossus of the Moon [3/5]
Wow! A huge minion and tough to get rid of. When you see this card played you better hope you have lots of removal. This card is very expensive though, and unless you can cheat it out it will be tough to sacrifice a whole turn to play this
Grandmummy [3/5]
Great early game tempo play from Priest especially combined with Deathrattle synergy effects. This card loses a lot of value when played by itself so the deck should have an early enough curve.
Generous Mummy [1/5]
Allowing the opponent to cheat out powerful cards sooner definitely does not outweigh having a slightly-better-than-average card on curve.
High Priest Amet <<[5/5]>>
A win condition by itself, this Priest legendary card turns even the most innocent minions into potential threats. As long as Divine Shield and Inner Fire exist, high health minions are always a threat in Priest.
Wasteland Assassin [2/5]
The stealth on this minion makes it very difficult to play around for the opponent so oftentimes this card can trade 2 for 1. It does die very easily to board clears
Pressure Plate [3/5]
Yet another secret to make the opponent scratch their head. This secret is a little more annoying to play around than most other Hunter secrets so it will see lots of play.
Frightened Flunky [4/5]
A solid 2-drop that cycles itself (a mini Stonehill Defender). Midrange and Control Warrior didn't have too many options for turn 2 so this card helps fill that void. Warrior also has Armagedillo available to them to potentially pick from this card making it great in a taunt deck.
Infested Goblin [2/5]
This card is very annoying to get through with all the taunt minions, but overall this card has pretty weak stats for its mana cost. The locusts could make this card work in more swarm or token decks as well.
Anubisath Warbringer [2/5]
There is a lot of combo potential with this card, especially with Anka, the Buried. By turn 9, the hand is usually quite empty so it makes it tough for this card to hit a lot of minions in hand and generate enough value.
Into the Fray [3/5]
This card has the potential to generate crazy amounts of value with the number of stats it can give to the hand. The issue with running a lot of taunt minions for this card to be effective is that big taunt minions cant win a game by themselves usually and if you draw all the taunt minions before this card, then you're playing with sub-par minions.
Neferset Ritualist [3/5]
Decent stats already, this card is great to use after trading or on any damaged minion to make the opponent have to spend even more resources to kill your minions. A great card in Priest as well for the Quest and heal synergies.
Diseased Vulture [4/5]
Warlock has no problem damaging itself - and prefers to do so, tapping almost every turn - so if left unchecked, this card can pump out a lot of minions and make a wide board by itself
Mogu Cultist [1/5]
Purely a meme card. This card requires so much setup to pull off and it's still not a guaranteed kill against the opponent.
Tortollan Pilgrim [4/5]
Not only do you get to find the spell that you need everytime with this card, but you get to throw in an extra 5/5 body as well! This card is a must-include in any Mage deck running at least 3 big spells.
Hooked Scimitar [3/5]
8 damage for 3 mana is very explosive in any kind of aggressive Rogue deck. It does compete with quite a few other good Rogue weapons.
Whirlkick Master [1/5]
This card provides excellent value, however, Rogue typically doesn't like too much value without tempo. There are also quite a few subpar combo cards in standard.
Splitting Axe [1/5]
Currently there are no good totems that you'd want to copy. Best case scenario, this copies 3 totems, and yet a board full of totems is still underwhelming.
Cloud Prince [3/5]
Provides some of the mid-late game damage that secret Mage needed. Secret Mage might not yet have all the tools to become a top tier deck but this card gets it closer.
Arcane Flakmage [3/5]
One of Secret Mages weaknesses was aggro decks and this card is perfect for that job. Especially combined with Ancient Mysteries, this card can clear an entire board with a few secrets.
Anka, the Buried [4/5]
What we've found out from previous expansions is that cheating things out is good. Anka is the perfect example. Being able to cheat out a full hand of very powerful deathrattles is huge. Fortunately for everyone else, Rogue does not have a great way to tutor her into the hand.
Tip the Scales [3/5]
A huge game changer card when combined with Prismatic Lens. This card is still decent at 8 mana but by turn 8 your opponent has better removal options. When played on turn 5 after a Pristmatic Lens this card can win games then and there.
Fishflinger [2/5]
A decent stated minion, this card helps allow Murloc synergies in more classes.
Bloodsworn Mercenary [4/5]
The requirement to be damaged isn't too hard to fulfill in Warrior. Whether you play this on curve for tempo or later on for a big combo, this card is great value at any point in the game.
Hunter's Pack [2/5]
Turn 3, this is a 'do nothing' card and typically Hunter likes to be generating tempo by turn 3. This is decent in non-Master's Call decks or in Singleton decks to give you a few more tools to work with.
Riftcleaver [2/5]
Great effect and body for its mana. Unfortunately, Warlock doesn't have too much heal right now to compensate for all the life loss.
EVIL Recruiter <<[5/5]>>
3 mana 7/7?? Warlocks have plenty of lackeys to ensure this can be triggered
Desert Obelisk [1/5]
Purely a meme. Very tough to pull off, and even when you can the effect is not all too powerful.
Bazaar Mugger [3/5]
Helps complete the quest, replaces itself, and a trading body to boot. Great value in one card, but rogue typically doesn't like too many cards high in mana cost.
Scarlet Webweaver [4/5]
Incredibly useful in so many decks. By the time you play this card, you would have played all your cheap minions so the Battlecry is most likely going to hit your bigger beasts. This combined with a Tundra Rhino is a big swing turn. Having Battlecry over Deathrattle is huge since it is a guaranteed effect.
Wild Bloodstinger [2/5]
Great combo disruption tool if a combo deck ever becomes too prevalent in the meta. Its high stats make it able to kill most things it pulls, and with so many Battlecry minions in the meta, this can pull some crucial targets.
Hidden Oasis [3/5]
Very good in any Quest deck. This card absolutely turns the table against aggro decks. It is very overcosted for each choice individually though.
Murmy [4/5]
Very comparable to Mecharoo, a solid 1-drop with the Reborn and Murloc tags make it versatile in quite a few decks
Making Mummies [3/5]
With the help of Reborn minions and heals, Paladin can stall quite well to finish up the Quest fairly quickly and then pour out the value with other cards such as Mechan-o-Egg and Mechanical Whelp
Expired Merchant [2/5]
There aren't too many expensive cards that you'd want to duplicate anyway, and this having a Deathrattle effect to be able to get your reward makes it not guaranteed.
Sir Finley of the Sands [2/5]
Hard to draw him on curve in a Singleton deck to maximize his effect. He is a Murloc though, so Murloc Pally could become a thing.
Elise the Enlightened [2/5]
Druid still doesn't have that many great control cards to be able to run Singleton decks, but Elise can be a combo piece in a couple of decks.
Dinotamer Brann [3/5]
This card combined with Zephrys makes closing out games a lot easier for Singleton Hunter decks
Reno the Relicologist [2/5]
Pretty big effect for its mana, but Mage has so many other stronger combos right now that its hard to justify running a singleton deck.
Armagedillo [2/5]
Fits into a very specific archetype. Good at what it does, and is a big reason the Taunt Warrior archetype will exist.
Plague of Murlocs [3/5]
Pretty versatile spell but just like good ol' Shaman RNG, it can backfire. You can play this aggressively on a board full of tokens or totems, or play this card defensively to shrink big enemy minions
Psychopomp [4/5]
Very powerful resurrect tool but is a bit weak to resurrecting itself later on in the game
Plague of Madness [1/5]
Rogue already has a lot better weapons to compete with this spell
Salhet's Pride [2/5]
The Deathrattle effect is whats most appealing about this card. It can tutor cards that Crystology cannot for more possible combos
Sandwasp Queen [1/5]
Without much reliable card draw or finishers, aggro will probably not likely see much play
Brazen Zealot [1/5]
Without much reliable card draw or finishers, aggro will probably not likely see much play
BEEEES!!! <<[5/5]>>
Very versatile card, can be run in Token decks, Midrange decks, Control decks, etc.
Weaponized Wasp [4/5]
Like Si: 7 Agent, but on steroids. Even better that its in the Shaman class to make use of double Battlecry effects
Raid the Sky Temple [2/5]
Great value generator in the late game. Typically Mage doesn't really look for value and in Standard there aren't any good control decks to take advantage of it yet
Impbalming [1/5]
Shuffling in 3 bad draws is never worth it unless they come out with more demon synergy in future expansions
Earthquake [3/5]
With all the Deathrattle and Reborn minions in Standard this card will surely clean them up in a more control or midrange style Shaman.
Corrupt the Waters {4/5]
Shamans already loved running Battlecry minions because of Shudderwock so this quest is extremely easy to complete and can be run in most Shaman decks. Murloc decks may not want to run this, but any Midrange style deck would love to!
Jar Dealer [2/5]
2 for 1 deal in Magic Carpet decks. However, it does have very poor stats.
Untapped Potential [4/5]
So far, there aren't any really fast decks out there so Druid can afford to float some mana in the first few turns of the game. The payoff is HUGE! Note: if you have the coin, you can coin on turn 1 to complete your quest faster.
EVIL Totem [3/5]
Already, there is tons of Lackey and Battlecry synergy within Shaman and if Rise of Shadows proved anything, its that Lackeys are powerful in tempo/aggro decks. This only has 2 health and dies to anything so most of the time its just replacing itself.
Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron [2/5]
It does have a bit of synergy with a couple of other Saviors of Uldum cards but is generally too random to be relied on as a win condition or defensive tool.
Plague of Death [3/5]
As we've seen in past expansions, Priests get huge board clears and this is no exception. It does clear Deathrattle minions similarly to how Psychic Scream dealt with them, but this spell is a whopping 2 mana more. It also competes with a few other 9-cost spells to fit into decks, so if anything Priests will run this as a 1-of.
Restless Mummy [4/5]
This card can be most compared to Militia Commander (a.k.a "Defend the gates!") in the 4-drop spot. Restless Mummy has a bit more versatility being that it can split its damage between 2 minions or kill something with 6 health potentially. Control decks and tempo decks alike will want to run this card.
Questing Explorer [3/5]
Certainly, not every deck is going to want to run the new Quests introduced in Saviors of Uldum. But, the decks that DO run the quests, this is a must include.
Supreme Archaeology [2/5]
Currently, the only viable deck Warlock has is Zoolock and that deck would certainly not run a 1-mana "do nothing for a turn" card. This might see some play in more of a Control Warlock or Shufflelock and just might tip it over the edge of being a tier 3 deck.
Card Changes
Gloop Sprayer

Mana cost reduced to 7 from 8.


Mana cost reduced to 9 from 10.


Mana cost reduced to 4 from 5.

Flark's Boom-Zooka

Mana cost reduced to 7 from 8.

Unexpected Results

Mana cost reduced to 3 from 4.

Luna's Pocket Galaxy

Mana cost reduced to 5 from 7.


Mana cost reduced to 1 from 2.

Glowstone Technician

Mana cost reduced to 5 form 6.

Extra Arms

Mana cost reduced to 2 from 3.

Cloning Device

Mana cost reduced to 1 from 2.


Mana cost reduced to 1 from 2.

Violet Haze

Mana cost reduced to 2 from 3.

The Storm Bringer

Mana cost reduced to 6 from 7.


Health raised to 6 from 5.

Spirit Bomb

Mana cost reduced to 1 from 2.

Dr. Morrigan

Mana cost reduced to 6 from 8.

Security Rover

Health raised to 6 from 5.

Beryllium Nullifier

Attack raised to 4 from 3.

Hearthstone Patch 14.4 Notes
14.4 Rise of the Mechs
This is the largest balance change that Hearthstone has released yet! They took a look at what cards from The Boomsday Project were least used and decided to buff 14 of them - 2 from each class! While most of them were mana buffs, there were a couple other changes made in hopes that these 14 cards will see more play. In addition to these 14 card buffs, Blizzard also added a new mech legendary minion called Sn1p-Sn4p to the game! With a brand new card and many cards being changed, this update surely switched up the meta quite a bit!
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You receive feedback while playing together.

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You receive feedback while Pro watches you play.

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Replay Analysis

Coach gives feedback on recorded gameplay.

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Challenge 1v1 with Pro

Receive feedback in 1v1s.

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2 Hour Session (Save 10%)

Coach is available to help in an extended session.

For the best experience, message the Coach before booking.

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3 Hour Session (Save 15%)

Coach is available to help in an extended session.

For the best experience, message the Coach before booking.

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2 Game Coaching Session

Receive 2 wins guaranteed. If you lose, get a bonus coached game. 4 games max/session.

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5 Game Coaching Session

Receive 5 wins guaranteed. If you lose, get a bonus coached game. 10 games max/session.

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